Spencer dating caleb

Are spencer and caleb dating on pretty little liars, and if so, does hanna have any idea i’m torn about this not only because i thought haleb was the series' otp, but also over hanna and. Is there anyone who thinks that spencer would truly go there with caleb, regardless of hanna giving the ok i mean their friendship is so solid i. Even if spencer and caleb aren't officially dating in pll 6b, it's seeming less and less likely that they're simply the same platonic friends they were in previous seasons according to bellisario.

Hanna and spencer dated forever, but the second half of season six opened up with hanna engaged to another guy (gasp) worse, spencer is living in caleb's barn. Spencer tells caleb that “this can’t go on”, and caleb tells her that it is a frying pan and he’ll just buy toby’s step mom a new one spencer comments that she’s talking about hanna, “she’s a mess, and she’s been that way ever since you got back.

Following the series' five years jump on the mid-sixth season, spencer and caleb rivers discovered their feelings for each other they had sex and started dating later they later broke up due to caleb's feelings for hanna. Nevertheless, fans still believe that toby is not too happy about spencer dating caleb while it was reported that many fans are unhappy about the new relationship, the actress who plays spencer previously shared some details about the closeness between spencer and caleb. Spaleb is the friendship/romantic relationship between spencer hastings and caleb riversfor most of the series they aren't that close only acquainted because of the fact that he's hanna's boyfriend and they helped each other on cracking a's codes however, in season 3, especially in stolen kisses, their relationship grew and they became friends.

Most likely because he's spencer's ex and she's secretly dating caleb again in season 4, it is implied he knows about red coat he goes with melissa to london for unknown reasons. Spencer and caleb kiss for the first time while the rest of the liars receive threatening texts from the new big bad pretty little liars - spencer & caleb love scene/ ending - 6x13 the gloves. Troian just thinks caleb and spencer's relationship is complex the interesting thing for me this season is that spencer and caleb have always had an incredible relationship, she explained.

The cast tells thr about “fun and flirtation” with spencer and toby, potential for aria and ezra, a “super emotional” hanna and caleb flashback, and a “flame” in alison and emily’s.

(allen portrayed spencer’s boyfriend, toby, on the show for many seasons toby is also friends with caleb) “ashley was really upset keegan was a little more stoic about it, but i think he.

Spencer dating caleb
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